Fashion Rules

It’s a dog eat dog world, and the truth about rules? There are none.

Fashion is fabulous, awe-inspiring and sometimes even weird…Which just so happens to be the heart of it all. I love immersing myself within a world that encourages uniqueness and celebrates being tastefully brash. Besides, it’s much more fun to kick back in a good ol’ sock & heel pairing. Don’t you think?

My incredibly talented friend, Meg talked me into shooting with her this week…And OMG! I could not be happier with the results. She’s uber talented and can think up the most amazing poses and concepts. Below is 1/2 of our first photo collaboration.


White, satin corset a la Amazon Fashion.
You can find these simplistic, strappy heels anywhere nowadays. I got these from Mandee way back when. Change it up, add a pair of socks to your fave open-toed pair!
Old Navy basics rock. This sweater is an easy layering piece because it’s light and thin. I like throwing it over a collared shirt on the regular, but you can totally add a fun cami on top as well.
Sharp liner and glossy gloss action.
Get yourself a funky-fresh pair of H&M work pants. These babies have taken me on several great interviews and never go out of style!


[Follow @megforkeyphotography on Instagram for more awesomeness]

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