Hottest Print of the Season

What’s more wild than a leopard print thrift find?

Recently, I’ve had to retire a good amount of overtly worn out kitten heels I’d become reliant toward over the last two semesters. For me, giving up a great pair of shoes is like giving up a beloved child (I’m only half kidding) *sigh.*

On a regular class day, a few weeks back, I decided to stop into 26th Street’s Buffalo Exchange to sell a few items that had been collecting dust in my tiny closet. I earned a boatload of credit and wound up perusing the grounds for some neat new shoes. I was lucky enough to come across a fierce pair of chunky heels, practically brand new! What’s more, I didn’t spend a dime. Win!

This inspired me to conjure up some beautiful animal printed articles of clothing, to help my readers get in on the season’s trend.

Animal Print a la Reformation:

Ash Pant ($178), Violetta Skirt ($178), Bea Skirt ($148), Zoe Skirt ($148), Adrienne Top ($148), Grace Top ($98), Izzy Dress ($128), Desert Dress ($198).

Animal Print a la Bershka:

Puff Sleeve Leopard T-Shirt ($25.90), Leopard Print Top ($15.90), Leopard Print Sweatshirt ($25.90), Leopard Print Dress ($35.90), Leopard Print Mini Skirt ($39.90), Flared leopard Print Pants ($25.13), Long Faux Fur Coat with Lapel Collar ($83.30), Leopard Print Coat ($69.90), Leopard Print Stiletto Heels ($45.90).


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