On an Autumn Sunday

I love the simplicity of venturing out and accidentally landing upon a place like the Ciderhouse in Riverhead.

On a windy morning, my sister, mother and I set out to find a farm where we could go apple picking. However, the winds decided to take the lead in impeding upon our little Sunday, and we wound up driving aimlessly instead. It was waaaaay too cold to stand outside! I’d never actually checked out the Ciderhouse, so we all agreed we should stop in and see what all the fuss was about.

For starters, it was warm, so we were already set with hanging out here. It had such an endearing and rustic vibe, I couldn’t help but snap photos. From the hanging lights on the ceiling, to the fabulous Autumn decor, I was in heaven. Of course, their awesome cider was a plus too! If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend making a stop.

I love my ladies. [Photos: October 21, 2018.]

Outfit dissection: I’m wearing a grey high-neck sweater from H&M, over a red paisley maxi dress from Forever21, my favorite leather jacket, (unseen) Taupe Booties from Mandee, and Turquoise earrings from Unknown.
Cheers to a great Sunday!

This sign is great.

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