The good old Brooklyn Bridge

There’s nothing quite like the refreshing sensation of cold air on an Autumn day…Especially in New York City.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a monumental sight to see if you’re ever in New York. Sure, the crowds of tourists shuffling at snail’s pace isn’t the best, nor are the excessive bikers and carts taking up most of the space, BUT the view is quite beautiful! Of course, I paid a visit over the weekend, so I’d recommend veering away from that, as its most likely going to be at its busiest.

Anyway, walking along the bridge, I felt a great deal of nostalgia. I think I’d actually visited when I was a little kid, but I can’t remember for sure. Being that I grew up on Long Island, I’ve definitely driven past, however I’m certain it’s a whole other experience to walk along it.

Photos from 10/19/18

The Anthem:

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