Below 60

After spending a good chunk of my day indoors, I walked back to my apartment and realized I needed to revel in the season’s givings.

Fall is in full motion, and the wind chiming through my hair told me that it’s finally here to stay.

The topsy-turvy weather of recent weeks has sent me shuffling back to my air conditioned oasis, where I could crawl into a ball and ignore all of humanity, blissfully. Today, I would rejoice and become myself again. Hoorah!

After completing some assignments and returning emails, I set out to explore and shamefully hum to a catchy Shania Twain playlist. “But no one needs to know right now!”

Twinkly lights and food tents are a combination like no other. I’m definitely coming back tomorrow for dinner.
Walk a mile in my shoes, and you’ll find yourself sporting a whole bunch of blisters and bruises. 😦
Not really sure what this is doing here, but my girl Frida is out and about!
When the sun met the moon…at Madison Square Park.
Empire State of Mind. Would Billy Joel shun me?

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