On a Sunday Stroll

Sundays were made for long, leisurely walks toward the serene beauty that 5th Avenue presents so perfectly.

I’m a huge fan of slipping on a pair of headphones, drowning out the world, and melting into one’s own deep consciousness. Basically, I like to do a lot of things alone…Weird right? Well, in a city like New York, it’s actually not only accepted, but applauded.

I think it’s fascinating how a woman can walk right past a construction site, unfazed from the expected, cringe-worthy catcalls, that are otherwise being blocked out by a funky tune on Spotify. I aspire to be more like that woman.

I’m a little bit too self aware and take note of every little detail around me…Perhaps this is why I belong in the Fashion and Beauty industries!

I just can’t fully ignore those annoying street solicitors, or awkward phone calls in the middle of the street. To me, people watching isn’t just about the intrigue of wanting to know more, it’s that I can’t help but wonder about it all. This city is the perfect intrusive space, since everyone lives, walks and experiences life so close to their neighbors. One can’t help but be curious from time to time, or at least listen in when a random group huddles to gossip about people you’ll probably never know.

Maybe I should just start minding my own business?

Sunnies: Zara, Top: Forever21, Culottes: Marshall’s
Kitten heels: Zara



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