Fallin’ For Central Park

Have you ever felt like you were absolutely meant for someone? Like, there’s no other explicable reasoning as to why you would both be placed on this earth, other than to be together? Well, I was meant for New York, and New York for me.

I’m dating my city, please don’t judge me.

Manhattan provides a weird sense of safety for me that I’ve yet to find in a person. I never feel alone when I’m sitting at a park bench, eating pizza at my favorite little spot on 8th Avenue, or grabbing a cup of coffee dare-I-say, to stay. New York is my safe haven, and I am just here to appreciate it as much as it appreciates me.

It is, however, nice to feel like you’re in a totally different realm…You know, the kind that involves real grass, trees, nature, etc. Central Park is my great getaway for when the city feels too fast to keep up with. Time sort of just slows down when you hit those meadows of everlasting green…Sheep’s Meadow, how I love you so.

Below is a portrait piece of this very space, assigned by my lovely Women Write NYC professor. This bizarre assignment turned out to be a favorite of mine, although I was first reluctant to share it with others. Being that I was practically ambushed into reading it aloud to the class, I decided…”Oh, what the hell!”

Here it is…


The air feels light and there is a slight chill in the wind. I feel perfectly content tugging on the sleeves of my cardigan. Upon stepping foot onto the grass, I stare into the distance and instantly notice my existence, or rather, lack thereof. Perhaps we all aren’t as significant as we’d like to believe. Reality sets in, I redirect myself to check my iPhone screen, for the time of day…5:32pm. When I look back up, the open field instantly calms me, visions of tall buildings being constructed in the background remind me that I am still a work in progress. That is okay, I nod to myself…And it truly is.

At this park, there’s so much space to be discovered, I feel as though I’ll never be able to greet every corner, bush, tree…Finally, giving in to my sluggish movements, I sit down. Everyone looks so calm. Maybe this was just what I needed after a busy week spent in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Next to me, a couple is mirroring one another’s lighthearted gaze, silently, as though they’ve uncovered the secret to true bliss. I wonder if anyone will ever look at me like that.

Boys and girls are playing frisbee, football and soccer all around the park. Friends smile while sharing a moment of their carefree Sundays. 7:40pm…As the sky turns from blue to a warm pink, I can’t help but think that the sun is even sad to bid farewell.

The longer I sit, the further my mind begins to wander. I always admire the way Fall begins to creep it’s way into September, subtly, then by October everything is engulfed in hues of orange, yellow and red. I’m smiling at the last days of Summer, here in Sheep’s Meadow, but I’m hopeful for the chapter that lies ahead….Maybe, this will be a good one. The anticipation of new adventures greet me with butterflies. I’m looking forward to a tomorrow.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
His and Her Ray-bans + grilled cheese.
Sitting back, relaxing on the sloping rocks.
Who can resist a sweet treat?
Smiling, but secretly wishing for colder weather to arrive.
Dress: Charlotte Russe, Sneaker Slip-ons: Zara

This camera has become a third eye, of a sort. I’m glued to the thing, and can’t help but snap a million photos when exploring.
Golden Hour.

I enjoy taking long walks throughout Central Park.
What a beautiful way to end the night. These string lights and lanterns are what dreams are made of, people. I’m a fan, a big fan.

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