Everyone’s a Critic

Everyone’s a Critic. I just love that slogan!

A friend of mine, Alec, is the CEO of Critic Clothing, a brand primarily consisting of casual streetwear and skater apparel. This dude built his company from the ground up, way back in high school, and has been rockin’ on since. It’s important to support creatives as they work their way to the top…It’s certainly no easy feat!

I love how easily a simple Dad Cap can change the entire vibe of an outfit. Styling a flirty top (like this polka dot number, a la Forever 21) with tomboyish contrasts is a fun way to mix things up, for a day in the sun. These PacSun Erase Blue Boyfriend Jeans add the proper amount of edginess to the look, especially paired up with Nike sneakers. (Similar style: Here)

Starbucks was calling my name…

Just a gal and her bestie…Trying, and still failing at taking normal pictures together.
I think we were trying to balance out our height difference…

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