Where The Wild Sunflowers Grow

This weekend, I took the time to revisit the lovely town of Southold, Mattituck.

Here, I drove down Sound Avenue to the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson, Rod Stewart, Weezer, John Mayer, and more.

Passing my favorite series of farms and flower stands, I accidentally came across Love Lane, which is perhaps best described as one of the North Fork’s most charming areas for small businesses. Although I didn’t get the chance to pop in to every shop, I enjoyed strolling along the sidewalk, taking in every bit of it’s simplistic beauty…It’s like the wise and talented Ed Sheeran once said, “The best things in life are free to us,” (The a Team). I had to throw it in there, don’t make fun of me.

Anyway, I circled around and wandered aimlessly for a bit until I reached the endless fields of sunflowers, as seen in the photos below. I love how isolated these fields are from the other farms, and how challenging it was to reach the destination. I felt like I’d truly earned the view that was before me, by the time I’d arrived.

Leaving the area, I stumbled upon a railroad that was calling my name. It demanded that I pause for a moment and check it out. The silence was a comfort unknown to those who live on a series of main roads and condensed spacing, AKA me.

I’ve always appreciated the privacy and peacefulness of the North Fork, and this day trip was a subtle reminder as to why I’ve placed it on my secret list of places I’d like to live, someday. A Long Island Isabel? Who would’ve thought. It seems that I’ve had a sudden change of heart, this Summer.

Photo Diary: 8/5/18

I stole my brother’s baseball cap because: tomboy fashion. Also, my beagle DIY’s distressed hats, hmu.


Sunflower fields, forever…and ever.

90 degrees & hating it.

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