Talking Trade @ FIT

A fantastic advantage of being a part of the International Trade and Marketing program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, is that students are able to attend a series of strategic conferences called: “Talking Trade.” On Wednesday’s sit-in, I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of five phenomenal, women alumni as they discussed the risks, paths and words of advice that led them to the positions they hold proudly today. Like the crazy note-taker that I am, I decided to jot down a few quotes that I found to be most inspiring and useful for any student, whether their major be ITM, FBM, AMC, or really anything else that falls within the confines of business school.

Three, Nine, Twelve, Seventeen, Twenty Years Post-Graduation: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

For the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology at FIT

Yelena Mogelefsky, Vice president of Sourcing and Manufacturing at Komar Brands | Class of 1999

“Through internships at FIT is where I decided what I did, and didn’t, want to do.”

“Everything is a learning experience, that you do.” -On being a student inside and out, of the classroom.

“You have one reputation, don’t screw it up.” -Yelena’s favorite quote, referenced on the back of a Komar business card.

“Do the job based on being good people.” -On being a good employee and coworker.

“Make sure your reputation stands behind you. Where you go to school, it matters.”  -On FIT’s impact on the Fashion and international community.

Jacqueline Caterina, Senior Production Manager at American Eagle Outfitters | Class of 2001

“What Can I do to learn?” -On remembering to be a student, first.

“Try to project where you want to be a few months before graduating, then ‘hustle’ it.” -On determining your career path and how to get your foot in the door.

“It doesn’t matter how much money  that is. Your happiness matters so much more on a daily basis than that extra $10,000.” -On projecting your first salary, and finding your first job, after graduation.

Mildren Susana Mercedes, Shipping and Receiving Manager, AeroFarms LLC | Class of 2005

“Two years before I graduated, I set up goals for what I want and who I want to become in the international community.”

“Try to build a career on those classes.” -On taking courses that are intriguing and challenging, during your time at school.

“Build your own career.”

Professor Andrea Reyes, ITM adjunct Professor, small business owner | Class of 2009

“When it comes to networking, it takes a long time for people to connect your name and face to what you want to do.”

“Say yes to everything and if you feel like you can’t say yes, have a conversation about it.” -On taking risks and new professional opportunities.

“Figure out what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, you don’t have to lead a nine to five.”

“You define what success means to you, on your own terms.”

“Quit that job if it’s not working for you.” On happiness at the work place, and the myth of “staying” with a company for an appropriate amount of time.

Elizabeth Pulos, Associate Manager of Social Compliance at Macy’s | Class of 2015

“It’s more important to take advantage of opportunities than to finish that essay.” -On time management and making the most out of volunteer work and internships, with a busy schedule.

“I know networking can seem like you’re asking for things, it’s not.”

“Don’t think you’re going to have this perfect five-year plan. Life is unpredictable.”

“Go out there and look for someone who can support you.” -On finding the job that will work for you.

“Traveling is the best education you can possibly get.” -On studying abroad during your academic career.


[Some statements were adjusted and/or explained for the sole purpose of easier comprehension.]

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