Le Burger

“Because putting a ‘Le’ in front of ‘burger’ makes it French, right?” -Vanessa, my roommate.

#OuiOui #FrenchFries

Sometimes the best things are right around the corner from where you stand.

Upon preparing for our Thursday night classes, my friend Vlada and I decided we’d venture outside of our usual 7th avenue realm, for dinner. Apparently we wound up missing the mark because we passed Chelsea Market at least twice before finally walking in! Was it the the hunger, fatigue, or pure lack of 9th avenue knowledge? Probably a combination of the three.

Had we just taken our usual route, we would’ve made it there within 15 minutes, and not 40. At least we worked out for the food!

Anyway, after skipping past a series of vegan/vegetarian joints, it was evident that we’d been in a mood for a burger. We were a bit skeptic when reading the menu for the French bistro, however, Le Song definitely hit the spot. Vlada, being the Russian, wine connoisseur that she is, opted for an ironic rosé/burger pairing.

It’s safe to say  that we kept it classy with our delicious burgers and french fries.

This corduroy hat is from Forever 21, for similar styles starting at just $4.95: click here. The metallic jacket I’m wearing was a thrift find from Buffalo Exchange, on 114 W 26th street, NY. If I remember correctly, it was under $15!

She’s just happy to be here.



This photo is actually great because Vlada had to duck down about 200 feet to be selfie-level with me…Oops!

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