New Soul

Hey everyone, I think it’s time for a little update on how life is going, over here!

The city has been good to me. I’m headed into my 3rd week living in Manhattan, and it’s been full of beautiful experiences with amazing people, so far! I’ve made great friends, reconnected with people from my past, and have already created memories that will last me a lifetime.

Of course, moving away from home has it’s challenges, especially when you have the greatest family…But I can say that I’ve truly enjoyed being on my own for a change. I could describe myself as a free spirited person, in the sense that I feel empowered when doing things independently.

Everyday feels like a new challenge, no matter the conquest. Whether it be school assignments, meeting new people, being thrust into a situation that is unfamiliar, I am having a blast and making every day count. Sure, sometimes you have to stay in for the night and just watch the Empire State Building change from color to color, but that doesn’t mean that you’re without. To me, living your best life means appreciating the little things in your day.

Since I’ve been here, It’s like my eyes have finally opened and my mind is more curious than ever. It’s really wonderful to feel like I’m becoming the individual I was meant to be. I find that I’m learning more about -what I had once thought myself to be-familiar, alongside an equally unfamiliar city.

Despite the “downs” in some of my time here, the “ups” have come in baskets. Life returns to you what you have given it, even if it takes a little longer, sometimes…And it is always beautiful.

I love you, NY!


“Come sit on top of the world before you take it over.”

The view from up here is pretty great. 12F, Alumni Hall.

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