Officially FIT Accepted

I still get knots in my stomach just thinking about all of this…(the good kind) 🙂

So over the course of the last couple of days, I’ve been filling out forms and creating a timeline of obligations that need to be fulfilled before January 23, 2018. Curiously specific, right? Well, I am super excited to announce to my readers that I’ve been accepted to be enrolled in the International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries (BS) program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)!

As many of you may remember, I was previously rejected when I took a swing at applying for the Fashion Design program, around a year ago. I was disheartened when my future, that was once so clear to me, suddenly became foggy. After that, I went on to pursue a Fashion certificate at the New York School of Design (NYSD), while continuing part-time studies at my local community college. My time at NYSD helped me to realize that there were areas in the industry that sparked my interest immensely, and ultimately opened up a new world to discover.

I would not realize it until later on, but this was actually a crucial time for me to “get it together.” As difficult as it was, I am forever indebted to this series of events, as it has lead me to feel incredibly confident that I am making the right choice, for the next chapter in my life.

My heart is full of happiness and pride for the work that has gone into finally achieving this life-long goal, of mine. I want to thank all of my friends, schoolmates and family members for the kind messages of congratulations and encouragement. It really made the moment that much sweeter.

I’ve always been an open book. As much as I’d love to share my entire college essay, the internet has unfortunately become easy access for plagiarizers. 😦 The quotations below (intro and part of body), are two of my favorite paragraphs.

“When asked where I may see myself in 10 years’ time, visions of a bright office decorated with elaborate mood boards, walls filled compactly with magazines, and a desk to call my own, dance in my mind. I dream of large success in a world where power-walking to the office in a pair of satin Miu Miu pumps is not only acceptable, but expected. I aspire to be great in the name of Fashion.”

“Fashion has played an enormous role in growing up and searching for my identity. As a young and shy girl, I could be louder than those who spoke often if I only wore my purple, sequined skinny-scarf. I could dictate the way others viewed me without saying a single word, which eventually helped me to develop immense confidence. I believe that I have blossomed into the fearless, young adult that I am today because of Fashion. I can portray my personality, mood and much more with what I choose to wear…To me, that is one of the most personal forms of storytelling that exists.”

I hope you enjoyed this piece, and a preview of what I wrote, in order to get in to my dream school.




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