October Lips


Happy Wednesday!

Tonight is extra fabulous (not only because classes are cancelled tomorrow), but because I have stumbled ACCIDENTALLY across my new FAVORITE lip combination. Hooray!

Dabbing on the slightest of color to my lips has become a thoughtless part of my routine as of late, before this year I can hardly remember feeling overjoyed reaching for lipstick. Ironically, I used to tease my Abuelita for not wanting to be seen in public without her trademark shade of colorete…The 20 year old version of myself has had a change of heart: I totally feel you, girl. This one’s for you.

I know it’s not yet October, but this color just screamed FALL!!!! So, without further ado I give you October Lips.

Get the look:

After moisturizing my lips, I apply Matte Liquid Lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics in Posie K  (Which is available in both single packaging OR kit complete with liner) with one precise swipe to my bottom lip. I use the applicator first, then blend/dab with my finger. Repeat for top lip, making sure you cover every inch of your lips. This acts as a base for the next layer.

After the liquid fully sets, I generously apply Color Sensational® Color Elixir® Lip Laquer by Maybelline in Caviar Couture with only the applicator, brushing it around until it has fully blended with the utmost coverage. When I feel I’ve totally colored my lips (carefully catering to every crevice), I then use my trusty Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer by Maybelline in Light to clean around the upper/lower/side lip area. With either a smudge, concealer, or flat eyeshadow brush (Sephora has some really great brush sets for $20 and up), you can ensure that your lips stay neat. This also helps the lippie remain locked in place while contrasting the beautiful deep berry tone…Which will also lend you the appearance of a larger pout!





The color has stayed on even after eating dinner…Success? I think so.

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