Doggy Dearest,


I am thinking about you tonight,

I hope you’re thinking of me.

When my heart sinks low again tonight,

I’ll search for you in my dream.

Sometimes I find myself smiling,

remembering your sweet soul.

Others I find myself crying,

in my heart remains a hole.

I saw it in your big brown eyes,

your body grew tired and weak.

Your golden face turned white as snow,

the frisbee exchanged for sleep.

Though I knew our journey was ending,

it didn’t set the pain free.

I am thinking about you tonight,

I hope you’re thinking of me.


In memory of my beloved Chica,

She is the backbone of my childhood memories.

I find it funny when I come across someone who claims that they are not a “dog person.” My heart cannot comprehend how that absence of love can exist. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, attitudes and color are the most profoundly beautiful creatures. They are the purest souls of which we are lucky enough to come across on this earth. They’ll love you and accept every part of you, and all you need to do is give them the same in return.

Chica was the sweetest dog I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. To know her was to love her, though I am biased of course. Every day after school I would come home to her tail wagging at the fast pace of her thumping heart. On sunny days, she’d even wait for me at the bus stop and walk me back home. Her beautiful brown eyes lit with joy when I’d greet her. I never felt alone because I had her, and that was enough for me. When late nights roared of thunder, I’d sneak over to an awake Chica and hold her close. In turn, she would give me a soft nudge with her nose and lay beside me. We took care of one another.

Fast forward to this moment, it has almost been 3 years since we’d last embraced. You simply cannot erase 16 years of your childhood, nor your first best friend…It’s impossible. I like to believe that April was an intended gift from Chica, almost like her little baby. Her coming into my life allowed me to relive what it was like having her around, which is amazing in every way.

The sky is crying loudly tonight, and I may have heard a hint of thunder. I’m the last one awake and our April is sleeping with Mom and Dad. I’ll have to settle for the comfort of my blanket, but I wish you were here.

IMG_8747 2

Sleep peacefully, my love.


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