Stop and Smell the Latte

It’s interesting how little we realize that a majority of what makes up our day to day function is routine. This was brought to my attention by one of my professors earlier today. Shortly after, I began to notice how boringly programmed I’ve become whilst headed to my regular window seat with a bag of sourdough pretzels in one hand, and a water bottle in the other.

Have I unknowingly designed a lifestyle of monotony and predictability? 

Following a daily regimen can be part comforting, part hum-drum. Some days it feels as good as hugging that old sweatshirt from high school which remains unaffected by the time it has surpassed. On the bad days, it’s as bleak as a pumpkin patch in the middle of February.

So what’s the point of all of this?

I’d like to go beyond focusing on myself and pass this thought along to you; my awesome readers; hopefully encouraging us all to seek the adventure in everyday life. Find beauty in the smallest of things, whether it be trying a new flavor of coffee at your local café or driving through an unfamiliar town for the sake of wanderlust.

There is always time for spontaneity,

Stop and smell the latte!



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